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    The confidence in knowing you’ll get where you need to be on time,
    with ease and in comfort.

    Liston & Associates Aviation Safety Award

    Passenger Charter

    Your plane your plan. When you book a charter flight you have the flexibility to tailor your flight to your schedule and you choose the destination. Trade crowded airports and wasted time for the ease, comfort and convenience of travel by charter.

    Cargo Charter

    Air charter is a faster, more reliable and safer option to transport time critical cargo to remote areas. We specialise in transporting hazardous materials, valuable goods and humanitarian aid.

    Why Charter

    Private Charters save you time and give more comfort

    With us, comfort and a professional service on your private charter flight is matched with attention to detail for your peace of mind.

    Joyful Private Charter Passengers
    Why Flyjetstream Aviation

    We believe in going the extra mile to provide our clients with exceptional service every time.

    Safety First and Foremost

    We have an unrelenting dedication towards safety, and we have the award and track record to prove it.

    No Queues or Long Waits

    Passengers enjoy increased en route productivity.

    No Lugagge Worries

    Safer and shorter procedures reduce the risk of valuables getting lost.

    First Class Service

    Every flight comes with comfort, safety and first class catering.

    Last Minute

    We accommodate last minute bookings.

    Time critically cargo

    We will ensure your cargo arrives safely at its destination on time.


    Your furry travel buddy can enjoy the comfort of the cabin during the flight. (T&C’s)

    Access to remote areas

    Our fleet can fly you straight to remote locations not accessible by airlines. “We can fly you straight to your dream destination, as long there is an airstrip.”


    Years Established - Since 2005

    Our Customer Feedback

    Our priority is to make every single client satisfied and happy with the service provided.

    Our Safety Award