Duhan de Kock

Duhan de Kock

Ground Operation

Duhan de Kock, was born in Pretoria on the 25th of December 2003. He completed his matric in 2022 at Duo Edu. In January 2023 Duhan joined the Flyjetstream team.
“I am part of the team to ensure the smooth running of specific administrative tasks in the office, example my responsibility is to make sure all pilot and aircraft files are up to date, I also assist with the refuelling and towing of aircraft.
I am currently the “gofer” in the company, but hopefully soon I will be able to commence my pilot training at Blue Chip Flight School, my dream is to fly commercial in the not-too-distant future.
My hobby is riding motorcycles and to feed the competitive side in my personality I love to take part in races.”

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